About Us

Primes Plus is a small-group of highly motivated, passionate and young computer technology enthusiasts. 

For all of us, "DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT" is in our blood. Life will be boring if we live without that. We are here getting together to "CHANGE SOMETHING".

Why are we named Primes Plus?

Primes is a natural number which only has 2 distinct natural number divisors: 1 and itself. The idea come from Goldbach's conjecture which is one of the oldest unsolved problems in number theory and in all mathematics. It states: every even integer greater than 2 can be written as the sum of 2 primes.

We just like primes, very special from all of the other people. Everyone in our team has some special talent + expertise in some special area. You will find we are not only engineers, designers, marketing expertist but also soccer demon, rubik cube's devil, piano player etc. When we work together,  like primes get summed could be any even integer, we could do anything we want!

Team Mission Vision and Value

  1. We are working as a team not individuals.

  2. Deadline is everything.

  3. Keep learning and never settle.

  4. Dare to Innovate but never for something useless.

  5. Be a perfectionist

More story of us is here.